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Monday, June 18, 2012

Sharpie Mug?

Great idea, just needing a little tweaking. I'll give you what we learned in this DIY process.

I came across this "pin" on Pinterest and I, probably just like you thought wow! So easy, cheap & just perfect for a gift. Well after doing a little investigating it's cute, but not so usable. "Kyoko has a blog" had a great idea! The only bummer is that if you start reading this idea is good for a desk, as a pen holder, not so much as a drinkable mug. Sharpie isn't toxic, but after washing it whatever you added to your mug will be gone.

We started with clean mugs and Sharpies, just as instructed. If you haven't begun you may wanna run out to a craft store and get some porcelain drawing markers, Pebeo Porcelaine Markers will work. Too bad we had already begun this idea before I started my research, but I found a way to save my little one's art if you wanna try it.

Time to add the art work with the tools you choose.

Next we did just as instructed, bake 30 mins at 350.

Out of the oven the colors are not as vivid and yellows & pinks have turned to a weird tan-ish color, but it was still cute, just not as cute as before.

Here's where I got lucky, in original pin after oven that was it, our mugs were done, but I happened to have a can of sealant on hand, just perfect for the project. Matte or Glossy is just for your aesthetic, but when picking out a spray finish make sure to read that it is good for porcelain projects and follow the instructions. I sprayed the mugs upside down to avoid spraying lip and inside mug, our decorations stayed on the outside so I didn't want to add anything there if I didn't have to.

After a few coats and a little drying it was done! We have (hand) washed it and guess what?! It's all still there! Great gift, just make sure to take the extra steps and give a great usable gift.


  1. So glad I found this! I've been looking around at quite a few of the sharpie mug reviews. I've already drawn the images on the mugs with the two coats of oil-based sharpies and I am in the process of letting them dry for 72 hours. But I'm not happy at the thought of my colors changing in the baking process. After reading this I'm considering spraying them with the porcelain sealant without baking them to retain the vibrant color. How did yours hold up after some usage?

  2. Miss Michelle, I found another post on baking the sharpie mugs and they tested 4 different temperatures and times and found that 250 degrees for 2 hours was the best. Colors stayed true and after washing 4 times, there was only a slight rub off of the sharpie at the top of the mug.

  3. I saw your post... And I was wondering that after I bake it could I use the Mod Podge Matte clear acrylic sealer or should I find a different one.. Trying to make sharpie mugs for my cowkers for Christmas..

  4. I like you all collection of the mug and cups it so nice.

    Bye Felicia Mug

  5. Also make sure you use an oil based sharpie and not the regular sharpies.