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Monday, November 26, 2012

Remove Temporary Tattoos

After a little research and some trial and error I found a way to save you some muscle and your little one's skin. 

Let me just start this by saying, don't get me wrong I'm fine with my kid sporting a temporary tattoo or two, but there is a time and a place. An well that would not be on her face at church, at least in my book. So, what was I going to do when my kid comes home after a fun day out with a couple "Mike the Knight" tats on her cheeks knowing that the next morning would be a much needed church time? Also may I mention these were some good grade quality tattoos not any of those one time bath gone cheapies. They looked just as new after a good bath soak.

It really came down to 2 items to get these bad boys off my daughter's face, Baby Oil & Cotton Balls! 

Soak a cotton ball in Baby Oil, rub it on the tattoo. Nice little layer. Next we tried Diaper Wipes because they normally work with the cheap ones, but this time around it was a no go. But, a wet warm washcloth was just the thing. I also read you can get the leftover tattoo off with Scotch Tape, but as you see my little one still has some of her peach-fuzz so I didn't want to harm her, instead we just spent a extra few wipes of the washcloth and DONE! Good as new! Pheww!! Wish I knew about this when I was a kid, could had saved my skin tons.

Just to prove I'm still "A Cool Mom" her's some links on making your own tattoos:
Oh the Lovely Things has a way with Printable Tattoo Paper
Charlotte is not my name has a way to do it with Bandage Spray
Tradewind Tiaras' even has DIY GLITTER TATTOOS!

I really hope this helps you, sometimes we all need to know a few mommy tricks in the most random of areas.

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  1. Whenever I do glitter tattoos, I recommend removing them with oil! Baby oil, mineral oil, olive oil--whatever you have on hand. Temporary tattoos these days are far more durable than when we were kids, but that doesn't mean they still look *good* after two weeks. ;-)

    Thanks for linking to my glitter tattoos tutorial! We've migrated the content over to Tikkido, so here's the current link: . All the fun new stuff is over there, too.