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Friday, January 17, 2014

Doc McStuffins Birthday Party

To be completely honest this may be WAY easier to do now, but let me tell you back in last May (2013) there was little to nothing out there for Disney Jr's "Doc McStuffins" so I'll let you all in on how we pulled it off without all the pre-made Doc business out there.

We had complete frustration and not only on my end but for those party goers that wished to get the Birthday Girl a theme related gift item. We had a few doubles, but she didn't care, it mean't shopping for her. We actually had four "Big Book of Boo Boos" at one point. I'm sure it bugged her guests a little. But like I said there is a lot more out there now so this may be not even close to an issue for you. So, if you are on a budget or just want your child's part to be a little different this may be a blog post may be of help.

First off I owe our regular Guest Blogger, Yajaira Preciado a big acknowledgement. She made these awesome treats and centerpieces that tied right in to the theme. Which I should expand, the theme was clearly "Doc McStuffins" but we also choose to do Doc's wardrobe colors pink and purple to add and polka dots here and there. I'll explain more on that after I walk through Yajaira's contributions.

The treats, the pretzel thermometers and the waffle cookie band-aids  I believe were inspired from something we found on Pinterest when searching for "Doctor" or "Nurse" party. Really simple but were a huge hit and were very tasty.

The pretzels were store bought and then dipped into melted white/vanilla candy melts (can get in Micheals). Once that set by laying on a sheet of wax paper, she then applied the melted red candy melt with her choice of pipping instrument. Once again let it set then pipped black candy melt into lines and a cute Riley message.

The "Band-Aid Waffers" were store bought sugar waffle cookies, vanilla, the color closest to band-aids. She just piped on a little pink candy melt as hearts in the center and once again added a message on the other side (once set that is). I found another band-aid idea on Pinterest which was cool, but more of the real, kind of gross feel and not what we were going for at all. Feel free to click the link if curious.

As for the centerpieces, I wish I had pictures to show you as the process goes but I'm sure you and your craftiness should be able to follow along. First things first, materials! Wooden skewers/dowels. Paint (color of choice). She did one purple and one pink. Glitter foam sticker sheets, typically at Dollar Store, but also at any craft store. Embellishments, these were of the scrap-booking variety. Ribbon, though you can go without, the polka dots on this just tied especially in. Styrofoam discs. Last but not least some computer print outs of Doc and whatever extra message you want. The 5 I believe came pre-cut on the sheet she bought, but you can always exact-o what you need. She printed out the words and a page size Doc image on photo paper of a thicker variety so it could stand and not fold. Cut those out. Paint your discs and skewers with the paint you chose. Once dry, hot glue cut ribbon around base. Cover the meeting seem with embellishment. Hot glue cut outs to skewers. All set? If so stab your disc with the wood and try to think center and balance so it's easier to keep standing. You can always add some hot glue, but she keep them so I can remove the wood on transport.

I also owe someone else a little extra appreciation, the wonderful lady I ordered Riley's one of a kind shirt from, Tiara at Sew 4 u Boutique!

It came out awesome and not only did she have this one for her party, but she also made a Lambie one for her big Disneyland Birthday Day! So go "like" and look at her stuff! Oh, an don't forget to let her know who sent ya. ;)

After knowing what the "Doc Riley" was gonna wear it was time to get to work. As I said, I could not find ANY thing in the stores, but I did find lots of cute purple and pink items.

Of course I started my search by hitting the Dollar Store once I knew Party City and what not didn't carry any Doc related items. Dollar Store had this great purple and pink Happy Birthday...Princess banner. LOL! Actually it was really perfect cause the only place that had the princess item was in the center where I already planned on needing to add a little "Doc McStuffins" to. Steps for that was super easy! Cut off princess crown (leave the top line where the words attach). Add "Doc McStuffins" print out on photo paper with cute Duck Tape, no evidence of item previously there.

While there I picked up the table covers, serving dishes, and plates, napkins, and utensil deal. All mixes of purple and pink but clear where I thought I could reuse, mostly when it came to the serving bowls and dishes. You may notice that I attempted to make the puffs again, you can see on Pirates & Pixies Party how I did it. This time I just mixed my color tissue in each puff, I was able to find both the pink and the purple tissue paper needed at the Dollar Store.

If you are wondering about the photo of Riley with her Lambies and Doc in the background, well it was actually just a cell pic I took of her on a sick day in bed. On (don't be fooled, the actual site is not, click the link) application I just the background out and pasted it on top of "Doc McStuffins" image I found on Google.

Next made a trip to Walmart, found the best matching pinata! And got the odds and ends, but sadly they were lacking in the Duck Tape department. But Micheals always fills in the gaps.

I used the Duck Tape not only for the banner but went this route on the water bottles this time around, I was far to lazy to type up, print out, cut up, and glue labels on the water bottles this time. Though I still felt it wasn't too my crazy standard to leave the ugly water bottle labels alone.

Not to bounce around, but back to the was a HIT! Lol! Get it, a hit!? Sorry, I'm a nerd, ya I know. I tend to avoid adding just candy fillers. A few small toy things and plastic jewelry goes a long way and kiddos seem happier. While I'm discussing what the guest kids got, though I don't have a photo I did make goody bags. Fun Doctor-ish related stuff, notepad, pencil, magnifying glass (plastic ones from Party City), and band-aids. Of course I also ordered some "Doc McStuffins" stickers off Ebay. The fun bigger ones that children get when good at the doctor's office. Also had some other random typical stuff, but hope that helps get the thought process going.

Beside the pinata we also had another game planned for before we all wandered outside and a few little entertainment areas set up to keep the kids happily engaged. Also helps that there was a huge television to play "Doc McStuffins" DVD on.

We had a ton of fun doing "Stick the Nose on Chilly!" Seriously, the kids enjoyed it so much that some kids wanted repeats, the ones that weren't worried about being blindfolded and spun around that is. ;) Very simple. I bought a big white poster board (less then $1 at the Dollar Store). I already had all the sharpie colors on hand that Chilly required. I studied the show and Google searched pics of him. This one was the easiest pose and I believe it was inspired from a coloring sheet found online. If you are really artsy inclined I'm sure other characters, like Pickles would work, but I went the easiest way. Plus, this fit with his character, since Chilly always thinks somethings wrong with him. LOL! We just used those tiny circle stickers for the nose. Got those garage sale label type stickers from Walmart, Staples wanted nearly $8 for them which was just crazy! Sooo much cheaper and way more perfect at Walmart. One parent helped me out and with a thin sharpie wrote each kids name as I guided the previous kid. As a prize the winner just picked out of my mix bag of goody bag leftovers and each kid got their pinata bag for finishing so no sore feelings.

I had the whole Doctor part set from the moment kids arrived. On the invitations we encouraged each guest to bring their favorite stuffed animal to join. As soon as they walked in the door I was there to greet and put a "Hospital Patient Bracelet" on their toy. Just labeled each with "Doctor ____'s" so I could say it was their patient and avoid anyone losing their item. You can find plastic closer to the real deal online, but we went for the paper ones so it was much quicker.

To continue the playing Doc, I had set up a little table with chairs for a hospital clinic area. Area was ready with Doc's Check Off Lists attached with clipboard and tied on pen. Inside the two plastic tubs were plastic doctor's tools. We found them for $2 at Toys'R'Us but since then have seen them at Target in the $1 bin section. We bought enough to also spread them out on the guest tables as centerpieces. In addition to that we had ordered a box of doctor breathing masks, just to be extra fun.

Here's a close-up of the center item hanging above the clinic area. I tried my best to replicate Doc's "The Doc is In" sign. Just a little glue, tongue depressors, markers, crayons, and string. I used one of the Scotch hanging hooks because I didn't want to damage the wall and no way was gonna be permanent placement.

The other station I had set up was for coloring. What kid doesn't love to color? Well Disney Junior's Site is  full of printouts so go nuts! All it costs you is ink and paper. I also had my daughter do a few extra to add as decoration to the fridge. I also found this Doc McStuffins Tot Pack thanks to "1+1+1=1." Those make good goody bag stuffers as well.

Of course no party is complete without a birthday cake! We got very lucky with this and got a hold of the last "Doc McStuffins" Figure Play Set from the Disney Store. 1) I'm sure there are more now. 2) You can always order online, but I was kind of frantic and down to the wire. Another great thing about the cake is it's just a Costco cake! So don't quote me on this, but from what I've heard from a few of their stores is that if you have a simple request and they have time...and maybe you ask very nicely the bakers may be able to do something like this for you. I just added the toy decorations once home. Sometimes they can give you extra icing if you request to attach such items, but her's were just perfect size so none needed.

Hope your party is much of a hit as her's was! We would love to hear about it! Feel free to add pics of your party or comment below! :)


  1. Where did you get the doc mcstuffins print outs? That's the only thing I'm having trouble with

  2. LOVE this!! How clever of you to use a Costco cake then customize it with the McStuffin dolls! I'll be doing this !