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Monday, November 7, 2011

Family Photos

It's that time of the year again. Time to get those holiday cards ready. If your family is anything like mine, this is the time of year we get our happy faces on and get family pictures taken. My husband is from Chicago and my family is all over, while we are in San Diego, not to mention that most of our close friends are scattered about the country. So this is our time of year to send a happy little update of what we look like along with a nice season greeting. Personally I prefer pics over plan cards, cause I feel like when the holidays done it's easy to cut out the extra and the recipient still has something. What else can you do with a holiday card once that day has past? I've tried a few random ideas on that, but it always becomes more a storage issue then an item I enjoy. So when I stumbled upon this idea I felt like it was a must share! I already love Shutterfly because they have tons of freebies, my last order I saved $99.52, talk about freebies! I only spent $7.18. I also love that what I receive always looks amazing, oh and they are always the easiest to contact when I've needed help. Okay, back to the point they had a great idea: Family Photo Days. Normally one of my best friends and I attempt to switch off days shooting each others family but I think this year we may have to try this out...and invite our other friends along. Looks like fun for not only us adults, but maybe even easier on our little ones, mixing a little more play in this photo day.

For past photo's I've bought just simple fabric cheap solid color fabrics and thumb tacked it tight to the wall, believe it or not it actually works well. I have seen gift wrap used. Really cute if just of a baby or pet. Make sure whatever you chose is as nice and tight against wal,l drags nicely to cover the floor. So if you are doing the wrapping paper tack top to corners to wall & let drag, don't cut paper. When choicing, just remember the key is just making sure background doesn't become a distraction and you don't see the wall or carpet & give away that this is a home pic. Don't be afraid to mess with some Christmas lights in the image it typically adds a nice soft glow. Also thumb tacking a simple white sheet in a swooping fashion works just as good as professional grade white fabric, its all just about getting the right effect when you hang it. But really the easiest backdrop of them all and it's free nature. Check the website cause it gives tips on times of day for lighting and extra touches to add to the naturally beautiful backgrounds. I really recommend while looking at the Photo Days site play through the videos it gives lots of ideas, lots of easy ideas. ;)

A few FREE photo editors I am currently enjoying & think you will to are: & Picasa. is a student project that runs similar to photoshop. Picasa has just lots of easy to use filters & great easy to sharing multiple images.

Hope this helps & remember just because the pic isn't posed and not everyone is looking at the camera doesn't mean it's a bad pic. ;) Just means you all have personality.
Our last year's card-
Pics by: Maximo Photography + A Costco layout

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