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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Thankful Wreath

*If you remember I had a idea for the leaves that survived from the Fall Leaves post, this is that idea.

It's almost Thanksgiving so I wanted my family to reflect on what we have to be thankful for, so why not make it into something we can see and tie in the autumn feeling? So I thought this Thankful Wreath would be a cute easy idea for us.

If you still need to collect some leaves look out for the flatest ones or if you can collect them and let them dry in heavy book. Our's were pretty flat but I didn't mind casualties and crunching when we were gluing the leaves to the poster board. I assume nothing is going to turn out perfect with a 3 year old involved, it's just the experience that's important.

Besides the leaves you need a poster board (we used a orange, but whatever color that ties in the leaves is fine), glue, pencil, sharpie & 2 round objects, 1 large an 1 small (we used bowls).

I let my daughter do the circle tracing with a pencil. First the large. Try to get closest to the edges so you can maximize use of the paper. It comes in handy as something to lay under wreath when gluing. You will also need the same color as the foundation to trace out leaves to write your special thankful message.

Now try to get your small circle as center as possible.

Your turn. ;) Time to cut out the tracings. I tried to cut as close to the outer circle for the reasons I mentioned above, but for the inner circle I just folded it in half & went for it.

During that time I had my daughter pick out her 3 favorite leaves. Try to keep in mind size, so you can fit what each of you are thankful for. One for Daddy, Mommy, & Riley. So if you are doing this with multiple children you'll need more and let them choose.

This was my turn, but your child maybe totally capable. Trace each leaf. I did it with sharpie so I wouldn't lose the leaf's details.

Cut & write messages. We had Dad leave us a note of what he was thankful for since he would be at work & unable to join us. Once again I just used my little black sharpie. But here's either your kid's chance to write or draw out what they are thankful for or time to get your toddler to understand what they are appreciative for.

Fun time. Let your kids have fun with whatever glue you preference, we used just a craft glue. I tried to suggest to start big. It's easier to fill in gaps with little ones, plus you can stick stems under other leaves as you go. After it was all filled up I laid some heavy flat objects on top to easy the flattening process. Clearly toddler hands already did a lot of crunching so it wasn't a worry. But if you are worried, either skip this step or every few minutes check & fill in damage with some smaller leaves on top.

Now that it's all dry hang away. :) We just used a thumb tack. Not much weight an there was a perfect gap between leaf and poster, but there's always those double sided tape, gel deal. Whatever is easier for your household.

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