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Monday, February 13, 2012

Rosette Ball

This was another wonderful idea As Seen On Pinterest, Tissue Rosette Kissing Balls. I am sure many of you crafty people have seen a few variations of this decorative piece, but this was the one that my friend and I chose to follow. Her step by step instructions were very helpful, but I felt like sharing our experience behind the flower ball.

We originally planned to do quite a few of these and in different sizes, but once we got to work we realized that smaller styrofoam balls are not really possible to use, so we stuck with the 1 large styrofoam ball we had. Originally we thought 2 things of steamers will be more then enough to do this 1 ball we were wrong it took a little over 2 so a 3rd was needed. Also one word of caution, we got burned, A LOT. It became hilarious every time we got stuck to the rose or just burned ourselves attach the flower to the ball. I think we were going delirious cause it actually took a heck of a lot longer to make this bad boy. Glad the 2 of us were sitting and working on this together cause I can only guess how long it would had taken if it was only one of us attempting it. So proceed with caution, but this is one beautiful addition to any party.

In this case it was used for a Baby Shower's candy table.

Just in case you did not feel like looking at the wonderful blog we followed, I'll give you the quick run down of how we accomplished this Rosette Ball.

What you need: 
LOTS of streamers, larger styrofoam ball(s), hot glue sticks & gun. If you wish to hang yours also grab some ribbon.

Cut strips 24 inches long. 
Then crumple your strips.
Now, grab a strip. Fold it about 1/3 of way down. This is so the top of the flower has more a soft petal feel then a sharp paper edge (we figured that out later).
Start to roll loosely. 
After a few rolls, pinch and a tiny bit of a twist the base of your rose, the part of the flower that does not have the folded bit.
Keep rolling. I noticed if I was doing it fast my rosettes were too tight, so try to slow yourself down to have a nice open looking rose.
Hot glue base of rose. Dab a tiny bit of hot glue to the end you were pinching the not folded open-ish end. Please do this step carefully. 
After you have a collection of rosettes feel free to hot glue the pinched end to the ball. Try to put your roses close together on the ball. Doing this just helps you know where you are going. How many more will be needed and all that fun, but once again PLEASE BE CAREFUL.
If you chose to have it as a hanging decoration (which we almost did) do these steps. Before adding every rosette to the ball pick your top of ball (should not have flowers there yet). Hold the ribbon to the base of ball attaching to styrofoam, let ribbon go enough to eye the distance you want it to hang down from. Roughly double that length and cut. You can always adjust height by after folding the ribbon in half and holding to the ball getting a rough idea of height. If you are happy hot glue the cut ends together and to the ball. Make sure to cover ribbon ends with flowers to. 

They turn out really cute, but just have a sense of humor about the project and I highly recommend doing this with a good friend.

As you can see the ribbon was omitted, but a hot glued butterfly added a better touch.

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