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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Painted Hearts

In light of Valentine's day we had a fun day of making hearts! Lots of paint & love.

So there were a few variations of what we did today, but to do all of it you'll need: a few toilet paper rolls, paint, a few heavy duty papers like card stock or scrapbook quality.

Hand Hearts

I will admit, red makes a creepy choice. Also, though your toddler makes hearts with their hands ALL THE TIME does not mean it will feel normal for them to do it with painted hands. Adult hands maybe needed to get just as dirty on top of those painted kid hands, just a heads up.

Paint your subjects hands, mine was ticklish so that made it even more fun.

Coat those whole hands and make sure to have extra paper on stand by. The goal is to get the thumbs to bend and touch. The pointer fingers straight and touch. The rest of the digits hanging out. We found it easier for her if we put the hands down all at once as opposed to one hand then placing the other, but it's all trial an error.

The first one with more paint makes a more solid image but the seconded or so gives more of the details in the little ones hand print, so it's up to you.

Heart Stamps

Time for little heart stamping. Grab out your toilet paper rolls.

Press in the center with finger tips then pinch bottom to create point. 

Some we skipped the point just to create a variety in  the heart shapes. 

Add paint to a paper plate & let your toddler/kid go stamping crazy.

Happy Valentine's Day. We hope these help you spread the love!

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