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Friday, January 27, 2012

Flower Hands

*A Rose for Valentine's Day*

I love hand art, it's always a great little record of how small a kid's hands once were. This little art project gives another reason to trace those hands. It is pretty straight forward and not to complicated. It is a idea that turns out as individual as the little hands you are working with. The results can vary so easily to fit your holiday or reason for giving. From Valentine's an Mother's Day, to a Get Well or just something to welcome in spring.

*A Flower Bunch for Mother's Day*

Colors hone in on what flower you are attempting. Finger positioning helps even more. We personally like to do our roses or tulips by tracing a a tight finger hand. To give a all over petal look, spread those digits.

So pick out your colors, grab a pencil and get to tracing. Cut that out and don't forget to cut out some stems and lots of leaves. We did a variety of shapes and sizes. Water drop like and good long pointy leaves. Have fun gluing. What a lovely flower I'm sure you'll have. If you left stems as long as ours you also have lots of room to personalize a message to whoever is lucky enough to receive your bouquet. I always try to hide in the kid's name and year to, like I said it makes a good record of what once was.

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