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Monday, January 16, 2012

Recycled Birds

Here's a little project for you and your little birds! Not a totally hands off project, especially if with toddlers, but it is still really fun. Quick to, so no matter age they don't lose their patience before it's done. 

Such cute little pieces of art you end up with.

What you will need: Old Magazines, Glue Sticks, 1 Piece of Paper  for background (your/kid's choice, we went with construction paper), Scissors, and a Hole Puncher.

Go through your old magazines and pull out really colorful pages and pages that look like your idea branch/woody colors. Make a nice pile. You may want to use some white pages for the eyes later so pull like 1 of those pages to.

This part is fun, don't stress about the shape you are cutting out. We came up with roughly 3 different leaf like shapes. Just think little oval-ish with points. A lemon of sorts. Draw them just on a little scrap paper, to use like templates. Now use those to help cut the little bird bodies out. Use colorful patterns and a variety of colors you found. For the eyes just hole punch a bunch of white & darkish colors, don't want any red eyed birdies. LOL! Branches an feet, grab out your woody, dark papers. Rough long straight lines are great. Vary up your thickness. Feel creative add some point to a end. Remember not being perfect is what makes this super cute! For the legs just the same as branches but do little tiny strips and cut them short, no 2 anything should be the same.

Kid time! Let them pick their background paper or have it in their spot. Make piles of bird bodies, eyes (your hole punches), legs & branches. Try to get them to glue stick their branches first, then bird body. Last add on eyes and legs.

Here's a close up look at our little masterpieces:


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