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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Product Review: Babycakes Cake Pop Maker

As I may have mentioned before, I am all about the fastest, cheapest ways to do things. Shortcuts are my best friend, so when I was looking into joining the cake pop making trend I was excited and slightly frightened by the whole thing. It just seemed like a lot of steps, which meant lots of opportunities to completely mess them up. Well, before I could start going cake pop crazy my wonderful husband who was awesome enough to go above and beyond got me the Babycakes Cake Pop Maker. For those not familiar it's kind of like a Foreman Grill for Cake Pops. I was actually very surprised because I was at that moment eyeing the As Seen on TV Bake Pop. I have to say I am truly happy he got me this instead. 

Not gonna lie at first I was a little, ok still a lot worried about messing this up, but this Babycakes Cake Pop Maker is fantastic! There were a few things that did make me question if it was really that cool, but quickly I was devoted. The machine it's self is so small, but it makes 12 cake balls at a time. I wasn't to sure if that was gonna be a plus or a minus, would it get the job done fast enough? Well it was super fast! I wanna say less then five minutes between batches and the ready light was actually pretty accurate. Don't get me wrong it did take me a few tries to get it down but really the first batch was the only real mess up. The first batch had a bit of a overflow issue. I read the booklet and skipped their recommendation of using the plastic bag method and focused on how they said roughly a tablespoon of batter in each spot. That was a oops. It was more like less then a tablespoon so the first batch came out looking more like a German pancake's impression of bubble wrap. It was pretty funny...and still pretty yummy. Next go around we took the advice and did it the traditional cake icing way. We filled a plastic icing bag with batter. A ziploc bag with a corner cut off will work just fine, but we happened to have one of these on hand. Well we just eyed each fill and with every next batch we just got it that much closer to perfection. Even with the over flow issue when we were all done it was sooo easy to clean!

*We were able to salvage our balls & let the kids munch on the pancake leftover bits from the 1st batch.

Really I enjoyed cutting out the extra cooling and cake frosting parts. It just made the whole processes that much faster. I didn't have to worry about will this ball have enough frosting to stick or if it was over mushed. I also enjoyed that because they did not have all that extra frosting they were a lot lighter, fluffier in taste and feeling, not so dense and sugary. The cake mix, candy melts and sprinkles were more then enough sugar for me. I will give you this warning, because they feel lighter you will be tricked into "taste testing" more then normal, ya you will still pay for it. Hehe.

*Not bad for 1st attempt. ;)

Honestly, this maker is great for any person, especially for beginners like myself and anyone that every now and again just wants cake balls without all the hassle. The machine also came with a filling injector, a 2 prong fork that made it super easy to remove balls from maker, cake pop sticks and a stand for the pops. It also comes with recipes. I actually can't wait to try those out with the filling injector!

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