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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fluffy Bunny with Movable Ears

Fun little project in time for Easter. Best thing is most, if not all the pieces you probably have already.

What you need:
2 Paper Plates, Bag of Cotton Balls, Pencil, Sharpie, Pink Crayon/Marker/Highlighter, Glue, 2 Brads, and Scissors.
Here's some optional items: If you want your brads to disappear paintbrush, white paint and pink puff ball for nose, though pink marker/highlighter on cotton ball could work. You can always use googly eyes to, but we didn't want to on this project.

Pencil a rough pointed oval shape on one paper plate.

Cut. This is where I tried to smooth it out, as you saw my lines weren't to pretty. Pieces don't have to be perfect or even just roughly similar. These will be your ears. 

Don't throw out the middle piece if you are like us an chose to paint the tops of your brads. The middle piece works a as a good palette for your drop of white paint. I just let her old the brads by he base and paint the top with as much white as she wanted. We let them dry by laying them on the same piece of paper plate.

Let your kid go crazy with the pink on the flat part of the paper plate you had cut.

Decide where you will be attaching ears to top of plate, mark it or go ahead an pierce it. I just used one end of my scissors. I didn't want my hole punch to create a gap to big for the brad. You want the brad to just slip through. Pierce the paper plates very carefully however you chose to do this. Now for the ears, you want the bumpy edges to serve for the fluffy area and the flat to be the pink inside a bunny's ear.  Arrange plate pieces so it's rough next to rough with flat pointing out. Poke holes at base, the pointed part.

Place the base of ears behind the top of bunny's head. Try to line up your holes. Slide in your brads. Open and spread brad to secure position.

Now the fun really begins. Get out that glue and pink ball of whatever you chose. Glue it on. TIP- Let your child glue on the nose before you attempt to draw the face, it makes it easier.

I did the mouth teeth part. Just think lower case w (rounded version) with 2 rectangles coming out. I also showed her how I do the whiskers by counting "1, 2, 3" as I started my point then worked the marker outward on our scrap paper. She then went nose outward and counted as she went. Next she drew her eyes  and you can have a shape conversation there.

This is up to you and your kid, either glue 1 cotton ball at a time or do what we did and just squirt glue all along the bumpy edge of the plate, but not over the brads. Give yourself a tiny gap around the brads so they can spin as bunny's ear moves. Once our glue was down she picked whatever and however many cotton balls as she liked. Sometimes she felt like ripping, but as you can most were big solid cotton balls.

Let dry & "TA-DA, DONE!"

Your kid will have lots of fun changing the bunny ears. It's also kind of cute that each place of the ear changes the personality on your child's bunny.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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