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Monday, April 16, 2012

Vintage Theme Bridal Shower

Recently my littlest sister got bestowed the honor of being Maid of Honor in a wedding. I understood what that meant and she understood stress, so this was a time that I was happy to put my little crafty head and hands in motion. She had some great ideas, but no idea how to execute without paying the ridiculous Etsy costs, so I went to work. Maybe some of these ideas are perfect for your next event or need some tweaking just to fit, but wither way I think what we've stumbled upon can totally help anyone out in the next event planning mode.

First thing first, if you are doing the pre-wedding parties here's my tip - Bridal shower, mellow tie in with wedding theme. Bachelorette party - EXAGGERATED TO THE MAX theme of it all or just straight up girl's last free for all. I personally prefer just the fun exaggerated theme over all the typical Bachelorette items, but that's always a depends on your bride deal.


Well my sister found the cutest veil for all the parties, the only thing was they wanted $30, for the purpose of the gift I can't list cost, but it was defiantly not that, also I preferred our version. Sorry I do not have pics of this process but really it's very simple!

What you need to do/go/get: Buy a headband. The one we got the idea from used the fat version but I opted for a medium of sorts because not everyone's head has enough space to wear a fat one. I love them, but I can never get those to stay in place. Next go to any fabric store check out all their net/veil like material. I chose a yard (though I only used half). I picked the shiniest, less gripping, with a soft feeling of all the material options. I didn't want any part of this to get stuck on her clothes or others every time she hugged someone that would be a mess. At Micheal's,  Fabri-Tac (this is a no sew project). I also found the perfect little letters and flowers for the veil  there. Check the scapbook section. The flowers were a fabric material and already a sticker type. The letters were cardboard with glitter, very light in weight and ready to go, not a sticker, just what I wanted. Bobby-pins on hand for bride to be on the day of the event.

Maybe this close up will help.

Ok, so first I cut down my fabric/veil material in half. The remainder half I folded gluing with the Fabri-tac the bottom half under veil the top have above. The bottom try to make it as smooth as possible as you go. The above piece I tried to not place as smooth as the bottom to give more height. Folded the sides an tacked them to give a more finished less rough look. We also had bobby pins to make it lay just the way we wanted once bride had it on. trying it on made it obvious not to cut because each head made it lay slightly different. After that I worked the letters middle to out, so I started with i. Sadly the top of our i did not survive the winds, but the letters didn't budge a inch. Stick with the fabri-tac just to the bottom of each letter, the top of the headband. I chose to stick a little fabric to the back base of each to help with veil height. Then just stuck on the flowers how I saw fit. Here was the original inspiration: Bachelorette-headband. Lots of differences, besides the band; they had a thicker veil material, a little more height, as you see our letters and flowers not the same and probably more. These hopefully get your brain turning because your veil should be just as 1 of a kind as your Bride.


Let me start by saying get your computer & printer ready if you like the faux marriage certificate and the "Soon to Be" banner. The fantastic thing is there's some great FREE sites that you can work from.

Another of the bride's wonderful maids made this.

Thanks to the Graphics Fairy this idea came up. Just need to follow their instructions, steal some images & print. It was a cute addition to the gift table.

As for all our lettering on our banner and favor station it was another freebie. We used Cast Iron from I will admit it was a little harder to read in small font, but it really stuck with the theme. 

If you were curious about what the mug had to do with the favor station, well here's the full image. It was the most personal touch. a collection of vintage and some not so old mugs. It let each person pick what spoke to their personality, fit with the brunch and antique feel of it all an of course each had a little bit of theme color complementing candies.

Banner time. Scrapbook paper, hole punch, yarn/twine/string, paper trimmer, printer. First I trimmed each 12x12 sheet to quarters. Loaded in printer an was ready to get to the hard part. In my word program set the paper settings to 6x6 sheets and centered each of my planned letters. "Soon to be Mrs Martin." If it is easier for you to type a space on each to remember do it, but in my case I just set aside the 2 blank sheets that I required. The first page is just the tricky one, play with your font and see what is the biggest you can get on your 6x6 sheet. Then type one letter a sheet at a time then hit print. Once done hole punch a little in on each corner. So 2 holes per letter/blank/sheet. If you are worried about the positioning of your holes check the images of the other banner's making process (below). The hole punch position should be about the same. String through your chosen line. I went with a type of yarn and went for a over under form. Loop each end around a tack an done.

I know we all keep seeing these cute little banners, typically cloth bits cut into triangles, but myself having a sewing Achilles heels I totally didn't go that route. Once again I turned to our stock pile of scrapbook paper. Much like before trimming to 6x6 sheets, hole punching an stringing, the only thing different is a few different middle steps. It took me one 12x12 sheet of each design to make two.

Ruler, pencil and scissors are required on this part.

Each pre-cut 6x6 sheet mark at the bottom where it hits the 3 inch point. Straight line with your ruler corner to point.

You should have this guide made of the back of every sheet, or every other. It becomes up to you if you want to cut one at a time or every two. I wouldn't recommend doing more then that because of the next step.

Glue the back side of the same pattern paper together with a glue stick, so no ripples and can be viewed on either side. This is also why cutting two at a time not a big deal, because they fit together pretty well. You may require a little edge cuts to make perfect but shouldn't be to far off.

Hopefully, you have a nice pile with lots of variety going. Once dry get those hole punchers out.

Aim for a tiny in on each edge, doesn't have to be perfect but enough in that the string you tread wont tear the paper. Just like the other string how you feel comfortable and hang.

Last but not least, the most versatile of all the ideas, COFFEE FILTER BALLS!!!! Here's the few sites I got this idea from, Snowy Bliss & Rhonna DESIGNS. So pretty! An soooo easy! Though I totally ended up skipping on the dye job I had planned. Instead just used bleached & non-bleached coffee filters for our effect. In case you don't follow the links, here's how I went about it:

Coffee filters of choice, hot glue & stapler with staples. At the end to hang hole punch an more string of choice. Flatten out two filters per ball you plan and think roughly 12-16 other filters to roll up per half.

Fold coffee filter in half then roll up loosely. Pinching bottom. Should look somewhat like pick and the ruffles should be roughly in line with each other, a little of is no big. But, a lot off, re-roll.

Staple bottom point.

I aim for the staple as my hot glue spot.

Start in the middle of your flat filter an work your way out and all around. Sometimes I picked it up and made the flat filter hug all the inside just to make sure everything was really glued. While your half is laying down you may see gaps go ahead an fill in with more. Once half looks full get to starting on other half repeating steps with your other flat filter and rolling more.

Glue your two flats together an you got yourself a ball. Add more hot glue anywhere that seems empty of not sticking right. Once all dry, hole punch on the two flat filters that are still in the middle of each ball. Aim hole a little in from the outside edge, string knot & hang. They are really light so don't stress too much about hanging requirements.

I hope this gave you some creative help.
Congratulations to our Bride-to-Be & Yours!!

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