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Monday, April 30, 2012

Easy Kid Mask

Every year we have such a awesome time at Cuyamaca College's Annual Spring Garden Festival. There is also sooo many activities and I typically don't get to share all the fun we had outside my circle, but I'm gonna change that and hopefully give you another quick activity that can keep the little ones in your life occupied.

So simple & fun for the little ones and plenty of room for variation. 
The MUST HAVES: Paper Plate, Scissors/Exacto, and Glue. OPTIONS: Your choice string or popsicle sticks. Crayon, markers, or paint? Maybe some glitter or just like this one, feathers.

For the version that Riley made we had just the paperplate that had the eye holes precut out, popsicle stick, glue, crayons and feathers. So mom step get the paper plate and cut out 2 eye holes, whatever is easier and with your favorite cutting tool.

Let your child decorate with whatever colorful method you choose. For this less messy version it was just crayons.

Glue on top for feathers, glitter, whatever you decided.

For this version we glued a popsicle stick to the back bottom instead of a string method. If you are interested, how you can do that is add 2 holes on the sides of the plate an tie 2 pieces of string (1 tow each side). Place mask on face and tie behind head. My daughter's head is not big enough to try that but it's your call.

As you see, the mask brought a smile to the kiddo's face. ;)

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