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Monday, October 29, 2012

Scrap Pumpkin

This makes a fun little extra decoration or a card, it's completely up to you! The other fun thing is you can make it and so can your little ones.

What you need:
Scrap, Scrapbook papers
Your choice card-stock (for background or to be card)
Glue Stick
Black Sharpie
Optional- Craft Glue & Black Glitter

If you are doing the card option you are going to want to start by folding your card-stock in half (we chose yellow, but it's your choice).

Another if...if your little one is doing this, you may want them to trace a pumpkin template to the background card-stock. Personally, I even do rough pumpkin it just makes it easier to fill in.

Your choice if you wanna just use hands and rip scrap paper into tiny pieces or let your kiddo practice scissor cuts and glue each little piece onto the pumpkin. Just remember you aren't going for perfect, just a fill in and it looks cute no matter what size or shape your scraps are, even if the pumpkin's shape isn't perfect it still looks adorable!

Either way you or the child chooses the process should look something like the picture above. 

For the card Riley, she just drew a pumpkin face with sharpie as soon as she felt her scrappy pumpkin looked good.

For my more decorative one, I went for the good ol' glue, glitter, shake & shake some more. Let it dry. Then I just added to a cute black frame we had.

 Cute, right!?

Blends right in with our little frame area & adds more Halloween to the mix!

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