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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Doggie Party

Forget the kids, let's have a DOG PARTY! Just kidding, this theme would work just as well for for fuzzy 4 legged kids as well as our 2 legged human ones. I've seen plenty of kids with dog themes and its awfully cute, but here was my spin on a dog party.

My friend lives in a awesome apartment by the beach & she has 3 of the cutest dachshunds! Well the oldest of the bunch was hitting her big 16 years! There's no way we were gonna ignore a milestone like that and a perfect reason to have a b.b.q. party by the beach, right!?! Well, we could have went the "Hot Dog" route see as how they are weenier dogs, but that's to obvious. So we treated it kind of like any person's party with lots of bright colors and the typical happy birthday deco with a twist. We accented areas with paws and lot of dog toys!

Did the rounds and of course Dollar Tree was the cheapest and had the best mix of toys and bowls for this whole shindig. For fun think food (human food) in big dog dishes.

For dip, my sis came up with the cute little "Doggie Dip" slogan and I added a touch more to the food/water bowl with paws (including dewclaw). Puffy paint! Very easy, very cheap & no permanent damage. If you mess up it's super easy to clean so no worries.

"Happy Birthday Worm"

For the sign I downloaded and installed "This font is for the dogs" font and pretty much the exact same printing directions as from my Vintage theme bridal shower post. Just make sure your printer is set to whatever size you chose to cut your pieces of card-stock  I highly recommend printing a 1 page test sheet before attempting "Print All" just in case you like your letters a little more down or up. We also cut out bones to place a space between words. Hole punched one at each end and the letters 1 hole for each top corner. The only thing different was that instead of 1 long string that they were feed on each letter got tied to the next, so more like a chain style. String one to the next cut & curl. Extend the string on the front and back end & hang.

Each tree got a little more touches added. We got a ton of random toys from the Dollar Tree. As you see a little ribbon and a rawhide here an there.

As for the tennis balls, leave the netting on, just try to slice in half (our balls were a 2 pack). The with a little bit of Fabri-tac we twisted the open end shut. It kind of was like a spiderweb effect. Just add a drop and twist & twist. Yes, fingers did get sticky but no damage to me or the balls. Then I strung ribbon through the netting tying in a bid loop so it was easier to hang wherever.

The palm trees even got a little extra doggie toy decor. You may also notice on the ground a few more of our sidewalk chalk paws. There were paws everywhere and made a good trail leading up to party location.

It was all really cute & of course the Birthday Girl had to get gifts and guests had to get treats. May I recommend "Doggie Bags" instead of "Loot Bags?" ;) Wanna make your own dog treats? Here's a great link with some top recipes. Enjoy! I know your dog will!


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