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Friday, January 11, 2013

Product Review: Play-Doh - Sweet Shoppe Twirl 'n Twister

The pic above almost says it all, doesn't it? Well, I guess I'm done here...just kidding! Well Riley was lucky enough to get the "Play-Doh - Sweet Shoppe Twirl 'n Twister" this year from her awesome Aunt an Uncle for Christmas and I must admit I was a little leery. We've just had so many bad experiences with products of this nature being a total bomb, so going into it I was ready for meltdowns and frustration galore, but to my surprise it was the opposite!

My only warning is if you are slightly anal/annoyed/or it's your pet peeve to have your Play-Doh colors mix this is soooo not the toy for you. I had to have a little talk with myself before letting my kid do this, reminding that it's all replaceable and this is for kid's fun, not my crazy tendencies. With that said you are free to continue.

This little pack came with the twister, it's self, 2 lollipop holders, and 2 of the small 1 ounce containers of Play-Doh. On the back of the box it gives you a few pictures with a tiny explanation of making your licorice like dough strands. shocking enough it really wasn't hard. The top of the twister pops off with a tiny twist. Just get a little of your choice in color of dough rolled a little round, give a small twist and then insert into the twister. Place the top back on and give the base a twist to lock it in. Crank away and watch the dough make it's way out. Eventually we got so good at it that we twisted the licorice like pieces that were coming out of the twister as cranking some more.

The only problem is that because it's kid friendly they don't make the lock top piece of the twister hard to come off. Let me explain why that's a problem, sometimes while cranking away it's easy to pop off the top. Not a big issue, but sometimes just messes with a kid's flow and I had to step in and help make sure it was on a few more times, so it isn't completely parent hands free. The only other thing is once you use it the clean clear inside of the twister will never look the same. As the dough is twisted some gets stuck and not all can be feed out the bottom, but once again not really a big deal.

As you can see the Play-Doh that comes out of the twister is easily stuck to the lollipop plastic pieces. So easy that once I should my daughter how to work the dough strands into to outer circle I was able to undo it and never had to help with that part again. She had fun and was really proud of it. She even added a donut around continuing with the whole sweets theme.

All and all I give this item a BIG 2 THUMBS UP! Perfect for Preschool age (maybe even younger) and up. I even enjoyed it, once I got over my dough mixing issues that is. So next time you are needing a little something for a gift or just to add to your child's own collection, try getting one of the "Play-Doh - Sweet Shoppe Twirl 'n Twister."

Opinion is my own and we were not given any free items from Play-Doh or affiliates for this review.


  1. But can you clean it after use? If so, how do you take it apart if at all?

  2. First, love "Nana" that's what we all call my grandmother. Ok, now to your question, the same way you load it with dough is the same way to take it apart an get most of the dough out. I used a tooth pick for little bits on the top but have yet to feel the need of a full scrub down. Hope that helps.