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Monday, October 24, 2011

Foam Haunted House

What to do with a sick toddler a week away from Halloween? Hmmm....
Well I am lucky enough to have some crafty things on hand. :)

Well as you see I am also lucky enough to just ran out of coffee so I had this wonderful little box. I also had a nice stack of foam sticker 5x7 sheets, a few googly eyes, glue & of course scissors. The only extra items I used, not in picture above was 2 black sharpies, 1 thin tip & 1 regular, plus a little paper towel/tissue paper whatever is handy.

Finished Product

Most of you have probably seen those "Foam Haunted House Packs," so there I pull my inspiration, but instead of it costing me $10 or more I'll say it used like $3 in materials? Probably less. The foam-sticker sheets can be found in Dollar Stores, the eyes maybe the only expense. As for the rest I'm sure any DIY Mom has scissors and glue on hand. Sure, the ones in store have pieces that match each easily & perfectly, but where's the fun in that? Hehe.

First we chose what color to do the walls of the house. Next just like any sticker we removed back & stuck to each side of the box. The sides she left a little tiny gap for her grass idea. For longer sides of box horizontal, short sides vertical. Then my turn, with scissors I cut the long sides after the ends of the interior coffee box to a point. We picked our roof pieces (stuffed the inside with paper towel, but that's up to you). Laid the 2 sheets along the sides sticking to the pointed tops meeting in the center top. We cut & added a extra purple point to each of our sides to fill in the shape better.

First steps

One by one we cut out more shapes, pumpkins, ghosts, & eventually a tree. She drew the mouths on each ghost then glues on each little set of eyes. She chose her "family" to be holding hands on the roof. Next she decorated each pumpkin. Yes, there is a square pumpkin. No, it's not a mistake. My daughter's current favorite Halloween movie, "Spookly, the Square Pumpkin". Bat, cat & tree were just cut & apply, but I did see some $1 bin at Target foam stickers of these that I really regretted not buying at this point. It's hard to cut little details into foam, but good luck.

A few more steps

The fun thing about this whole process is asking my daughter what each shape & color is. She did each embellishment & helped "cut the grass". I cut squares, let her make a door, then windows. She was the expert of what should go where and what color it should be. It's easy enough for a sick kid to color, glue & do sticker fun. My only word of advice is remember when doing these projects it's for them not us, parents. Don't stress if it doesn't come out perfect, you are doing it to make them happy and that's all that matters. Sure I would love to add more, make items lined up redo some lines, but looking at this just makes me think of her personality & that makes me happy.



Btw, we have that book. Riley LOVES it!

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