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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Little Ghost

One of the easiest projects! Well, if your little one isn't a wiggle worm & loves to get dirty.
All you need is: Black paper (Construction / Scrapbook quality. Just think heavy enough for paint.)
White Paint (I prefer PLAID - Apple Barrel brand, cheap & super easy to clean.)
Paper Plate
Paint Brush
Black Sharpie
Optional - White Pencil / Gel Pen

This was a fun activity we did as a family. I wanted my daughter to understand what we were going to do so we had a practice run of her stepping on the black sheets of paper. This was just to avoid her sliding her foot all over the page. Once she seemed to get the stamping feeling down I poured out a little white paint on the paper plate. My husband held our Riley while I tickled, I mean painted a light coat of white paint all over her foot. *TIP- Start light cause it's easier to gauge how much to add for the next round, plus you want the foot details not just one big white blob.* Then she stamped (once) her little foot on to the paper. We did this a few times & coated the foot before every new stamping. I foot step per paper. If you try to stamp again over another foot print you will lose details in the foot an odds are your kid won't be able to line up their foot the exact same way. We made many ghosts and not one was ever the same. Dad took Riley off for a little foot rinse while we waited for the paint to dry. Turned the white feet so the heel was top & toes where bottom. Once dry, we drew with the Sharpie 3 little black circles, eyes, and mouth. I had a white pencil so I labeled name & year, but a gel pen would work just as good. Last step, we cut it down to fit in a card to be sent out to the grandparents along with that year's Halloween pic.

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